FixedToday is NEN-4400-1 certified by Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA). Clients who hire temporary staff through FixedToday are fully protected against risks relating to Liability. We also have the Bovib Quality Mark, the association and branch organization of the 50 largest independent recruitment and payroll agencies in the Netherlands. FixedToday has set up a quality management system to give substance to its policy on quality. This system meets the requirements laid down in the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Through prevention, changesand innovations, the performance of our company is continuously improved. By means of this management system and the intended certification according to ISO 9001, FixedToday wants to demonstrably make an effort to increase the quality delivered to customers – and our customer satisfaction. Each year, by means of an extensive management review, it determines whether objectives are achieved and new objectives are formulated.FixedToday sees it as its task to involve employees, customers and suppliers in the aforementioned objectives and efforts. With their skills and ideas, they contribute to the continuity of the company. On request, external stakeholders are given an explanation of the content and operation of the (quality) management system.