Expatstoday.nl is an initiative of FixedToday.

In the near future the website will be developed as a starting website for companies who want to work with Expats (from the Europian Union or outside) in the Netherlands.Also for Expats, like highly skilled migrants, the website will be a usefull source to information and employment solutions.

FixedToday is founded in October 2012. An initiative of former colleagues. FixedToday is an Intermediair service provider for ICT requirements in the Netherlands. Services are provided on temporary bases.

Work and enjoy together. Continuity is the key driver of the company based on the core values of FixedToday “Respect and Appreciation” for all our business relations (clients, contractors and suppliers). Within 24 hours you will receive the answer and/or solution with regards to requirements, questions and/or problems. That is the reason why we named our organization FixedToday.

FixedToday is an acknowlegded employer registered at Dutch Immigration Office (IND.nl). FixedToday can provide the required Employment (payroll) services to companies who are not (yet) an acknowledged employer to work with highly skilled migrants.

• 100% compliant employment solutions , monthly invoicing and salary payments
• Application of required work and residence permits for working in the Netherlands
• Application of 30% tax ruling for expats
• Support the application of a Dutch private health insurance
• Opening Dutch bank account(s)
• Local registration for Dutch BSN (National insurance number)
• Support with housing (judgement of rent offers and contracts)

If you would like to receive more information or want to discuss the option of employing an expat or highly skilled migrant, please do not hesitatie to send an e-mail to Mark Bouwhuizen (mbouwhuizen@fixedtoday.nl).

FixedToday is Bovib, NEN 4400-1 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.