Payrolling is a specialised form of HR service for the flexible shell in your organisation. The payroll employee is employed by FixedToday and is lent out to a client. The risks and good employment practices therefore lie with the payroll organization, in this case FixedToday. We believe it is essential to provide the payroll employee with good terms of employment. After all, they are not only our client’s human capital, but also ours. Payrolling therefore goes much further than having the payroll administration carried out externally. It gives you, the client, the opportunity to focus on business.

When hiring staff, a lot of administrative work is involved. This includes the creation of employment contracts, salary administration, sickness and recovery reports and keeping track of all changes in legislation and regulations.

By outsourcing all these tasks to a “Payroller”, you save a lot of administrative work. Thanks to FixedToday’s experience in providing payroll services, all processes are carefully and efficiently designed. This results in the right employment contracts and conditions, correct payroll administration and timely payroll payment, and no longer any liability for you towards organisations such as the Tax and Customs Administration or the UWV.

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Because of government decisions, introduction of the Law “Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans”, in 2020 Payrolling will go beyond the external execution of the payroll administration. FixedToday can help you with that.

Payrolling with the help of FixedToday remains very simple: you recruit and select your employee yourself and register him or her at FixedToday.
The employee will work for your organization and will be added to the payroll of FixedToday. The employment contract between FixedToday and the employee will be based on the terms and conditions of employment that apply to the client.