As part of process improvement, FixedToday is changing the invoicing process for suppliers. Instead of the supplier sending the invoice to FixedToday, we will now work with “reverse billing” where FixedToday will send the invoice to the supplier based on the timesheet provided to us and approved by us.  We will be happy to inform you about the working method of reverse billing.

Note: where it says “Supplier”, it also means the Independent Contractor.

The whole process is based on a “direct 1-to-1 handling” of an approved timesheet / monthly statement.  The agreement states that only the approved hours will be paid and that is what we want to see done as soon as possible.

The benefits to you as a supplier are:

  • less administration for all parties
  • handling of invoices in accordance with the agreement (only approved hours are the basis)
  • supplier does not have to make/send invoices himself anymore
  • the process of approving timesheets goes much faster
  • with the ultimate goal: faster and error-free payment.

Process of processing hours/invoices

  1. Professional: have hours worked approved as soon as possible, and mail it to (The Netherlands) or (Belgium). In some cases FixedToday receives the approved timesheets from the customer. Before starting, you will be informed about the process of time sheets for your assignment.
  2. FixedToday : receives from you signed timesheet with the approved hours;
  3. FixedToday : enters approved hours in the hour system Contract file (Cootje);
  4. FixedToday : invoices the client based on the approved hours. This is done fully automatically;
  5. Supplier: receives simultaneous email with link where own invoice number must be entered;
  6. Supplier: receives final invoice with given invoice number including expiration date (according to agreed payment term or earlier by received payment from customer)
  7. Customer: pays FixedToday
  8. FixedToday: pays Supplier

What to do in the following situations

  • You have already sent the approved timesheet with your own invoice

In case of a difference in your administration, you will have to adjust your administration to the number we present, because only that is the approved number and determines the value of the invoice. Please enter the same (!) invoice number that you have/had on your invoice.

  • Did not receive email with link

It is possible that the email ends up in your spam-box. Please report this ! Then we can analyze where it comes from and see if we can prevent it.

  • The link does not work

It is possible that you have already used the link to enter the invoice number. If that has already happened, the link is no longer valid. If this is not the case, please contact us and we will look into the reason.

  • You don’t know your invoice number (yet)

No problem, then come back later with the same link in the same email. It is important that the number fits in the number logic you use for an invoice number and that it is a unique number. This is a requirement of the tax authorities regarding the use of an invoice number. The input is checked for uniqueness.

We trust that this has informed you properly and should there be any questions, we would be happy to hear them. We will be happy to assist you further.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Met waardering en respect, kind regards

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