Staffing within FixedToday means that you will no longer be looking for new (temporary) employees yourself, but will have the recruitment of professionals carried out by us. Whether you outsource the entire process or only part of it, it’s entirely up to you.

FixedToday puts your wishes first and we look for the talent that fits your application and corporate culture. With FixedToday, you bring in an experienced team that is focused on one goal: finding and recruiting highly educated talent for your organization. We use various methods to find your ideal candidates. We approach the best candidates one on one to make them enthusiastic about your company and your application.

FixedToday offers you complete transparency in terms of rates and employment relationships.

FixedToday does what the name promises: within 24 hours you will get the answers and solutions for your questions and/or problems. With our Staffing services, FixedToday offers you a completely transparent total solution.

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